The intestine is critical to oxalate homeostasis

The intestine is responsible for dietary oxalate absorption and gastrointestinal oxalate secretion/excretion, offering an important pathway for oxalate removal in addition to the kidneys

Oxalobacter formigenes

Oxalobacter formigenes (Of) is an anaerobic microbe that lives predominantly in the large intestines. It consumes oxalate as its sole food source, and importantly, interacts with the colonic epithelium to induce colonic oxalate secretion via previously unidentified factors (depicted as blue spheres below). 





Colonic epithelial cells


OFX-514: First-in-class peptide-based oral therapeutic

Oxalo Therapeutics has demonstrated the powerful therapeutic potential of Of-derived factors through in vivo mice studies that significantly lowered urine oxalate levels. The critical peptides from the factors were isolated to fully mimic the effects of the factors in stimulating colonic oxalate transport. We are targeting a safe daily peptide-based oral pill that stimulates and amplifies the natural intestinal oxalate-regulation pathway to remove oxalate from the plasma and urine in order to treat primary hyperoxaluria, secondary hyperoxaluria, and hyperoxalemia.

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At Oxalo, we are committed to developing innovative therapies for patients with severe and rare kidney diseases caused by oxalate.
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